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Farol, which is translated literally as “lantern” or “light” in Spanish, has evolved since the first time it was crafted in Pampanga, Philippines by Francisco Estanilao, and has since been deemed “Parol” by Filipinos. This design was inspired by the traditional 5-edge star seen above the nativity in Bethlehem. Having witnessed different styles and designs over the years, Farol by Wicked! invites you to live in the iconic symbol of the Christmas spirit. The star is believed to be a representation of the Bethlehem Star which guided the Three Wise Men to Jesus. We offer a variety of styles and selections of our illuminated star lanterns, from a simple and minimalistic expression, to a more intricate and vivid décor. Combined with passion and talent, these handcrafted and diligently made pieces are truly a work of art.

As the only official Parol retailer in the SF Bay Area, we invite you to browse our capiz products to find the perfect décor for your home.

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Bringing the holiday tradition Straight to Your Door

Our mission is to bring the holiday tradition of Filipino culture to the diaspora and Filipino Americans. We are dedicated to sharing the vibrant traditions, artistry, and the warm spirit of the Philippines. Through our authentic products, we hope to create a cultural bridge that fosters appreciation, understanding, and a deep connection to the beauty and heritage of the Philippines. Join us in this holiday season and let us illuminate your world with the essence of Filipino traditions right here in the USA.


About Us

Our mission is to bring a magical tradition to your home, through the passionate artwork of many Filipinos. This emblematic Christmas ornaments and capiz products will make your home’s atmosphere merry and bright. Our enjoyable traditional ornament will allow you to share this feeling of Christmas with the rest of the family

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