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ShopFarols' Parols Light Up San Francisco's Cable Cars

Experience the Magic of a Filipino Christmas in San Francisco

The holiday season in San Francisco has taken on a unique and heartwarming glow, thanks to the collaboration between ShopFarols, the SF MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway), and the Filipino American Arts Exposition (FAAE). This year, for the first time ever, a cable car in San Francisco has been adorned with traditional Filipino Christmas decorations, featuring our very own handcrafted parols.


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Cable Car No. 17, adorned with ShopFarol's Parols

Bringing Filipino Traditions to the Heart of San Francisco

Decorating one of San Francisco's iconic cable cars with Filipino Christmas ornaments is a significant step in promoting Filipino culture and heritage in the Bay Area. At ShopFarols, we are incredibly proud to have our parols featured in this project. Each parol, meticulously handcrafted by skilled Filipino artisans, embodies the spirit of Christmas, symbolizing hope, goodwill, and the star of Bethlehem.

Celebrating Community and Tradition

The project not only showcases the beauty of Filipino craftsmanship but also celebrates the bayanihan spirit—the Filipino tradition of communal unity and cooperation. Vice Consul Adrian Baccay, Cultural Officer Clasara-Steylaerts, and the ShopFarols team worked tirelessly to decorate the cable car, transforming it into a moving testament to Filipino heritage.

A Full Circle Moment

For Celso Abueg, the Filipino cable car gripman who drove the inaugural trip, this event was particularly poignant. A newly arrived immigrant from the Philippines when he first became a gripman 24 years ago, Abueg took immense pride in driving SF MUNI’s first Filipino Christmas-themed cable car. As he plans to retire next year, this moment was a beautiful full circle in his career.

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Experience the Filipino Christmas Spirit

Cable Car No. 17, adorned with Filipino Christmas decors, ran along the Powell Street/Market Street-Fisherman’s Wharf route until the first week of January 2024. We thank everyone for experiencing this unique celebration of Filipino culture and heritage during your holiday outings in San Francisco.

Join Us in Spreading Joy and Tradition

At ShopFarols, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting Filipino traditions through our authentic products. By decorating Cable Car No. 17, we aim to bring a piece of Filipino Christmas to the heart of San Francisco, creating a magical atmosphere that resonates with both Filipinos and the broader community.

A Bright Future

This collaboration is a testament to the vibrant and enduring presence of Filipino culture in the Bay Area. As we look to the future, ShopFarols will continue to support initiatives that celebrate and promote Filipino heritage. We invite you to visit our website,, to explore our collection of handcrafted parols and learn more about how you can bring the spirit of a Filipino Christmas into your home.

Embrace the Light of Filipino Traditions with ShopFarols

As you admire the beautifully decorated cable car, remember that each parol represents the artistry and dedication of Filipino artisans. Join us in celebrating this festive season by incorporating the timeless beauty of Filipino parols into your holiday decor. Visit ShopFarols today and let’s illuminate the world together with the radiant glow of Filipino traditions. Follow us on Instagram for more updates like this and to see follow our journey.


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